Hi guys, a bit of an announcement here. I'm going to stop taking delivery orders via the Del's Fresh Produce website. The website was set up to offer a delivery service during the pandemic as folk couldn't get out & about with the curfew that was imposed on us back in the early days of covid. As we have now almost returned back to normal I feel I'd rather concentrate all my efforts on my Del's Fresh Produce unit in The Forge Shopping Centre Parkhead. I've really enjoyed doing the deliveries and met loads of really nice people along the way.
The double bargain boxes will still be available to pick up at our Del's Fresh Produce unit in The Forge Shopping Centre Parkhead for a bargain £20. There will still be loads of bargains to be had there which I'll share on my Del's Fresh Produce Facebook page & I'll definitely update the page on a regular basis. I'd like to thank everyone who ordered from us over the past couple of years and hopefully I might see you in The Forge. A genuine sincere heartfelt thanks, Del

Spring Onions


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Spring Onions – Bunched